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Snapshots from the campaign trail.
When I worked as a Consular Officer at one of the largest U.S. visa processing facilities in the world, I adjudicated a lot of Immigrant Visas. I always hoped I'd one day get to see a Naturalization ceremony when Permanent Residents take their oath to become U.S. citizens. This day was that day, and I was immensely proud. Great job to the young activists who put on the Back to School Rally Against Gun Violence. Keeping our students safe should be everyone's priority, and I'm committed to the fight.
Kudos to all the folks involved in putting on Africa Fest. It was a beautiful display of the diversity our city brings. I would love to see even more community events like this on the West End! At Africa Fest with City Council candidate, Amy Jackson.
Meet Alex (far right), Manager of Burger7 in the West End, and his awesome team.  Alex says supporting Alexandria's schools is so important to him, "because the kids are our future.  It comes down to intelligence, skills, socializing, and building a well-rounded person. I had someone there to push me, and I want to pass the torch." Enjoying a beautiful day at the Alexandria City Hall with cousin Kinsley.
First day of canvassing. Voting in the June 12th Primary.
Happiness all around with my nephews and niece! Fun at the ADC Labor Day Picnic!
Fun at the ADC Labor Day Picnic! Fun at the ADC Labor Day Picnic!
Fun at the ADC Labor Day Picnic! Listening to guest speakers Governor Terry McAuliffe, Rep. Don Beyer, and Delegate Elizabeth Guzman. 
Fun at the ADC Labor Day Picnic, located at Fort Ward.
9/19/18: Happy to show support to Alexandria Living Magazine as they celebrate their first print edition. Hanging out at Science Club!
Hanging out at Science Club! Knock knock! We're out talking to constituents about our schools, and putting up yard signs.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you live in Alexandria, and haven't heard about Kate Ranta or her activism as a Survivor, I highly suggest you look her up.

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